Saturday, June 20, 2009

"It happen'd one Day about Noon going towards my Boat, I was exceedingly surpriz'd with the Print of a Man's naked Foot on the Shore." - Daniel Defoe

Last weekend on this island for the now. I might end up on a different island again, but for the near future, I am quite excited to head back to the mainland. I am afraid that I will be cold. It’s a little odd now, I put pants on and my legs get all sweaty. I take my shoes and socks off at lunch because I don’t really want to be wearing shoes. I have tan lines on my feet.

This morning I woke up and picked a papaya off the tree in the front of my house. My breakfast consisted of a papaya, a bowel of lucky charms and a powerbar. I found the lucky charms on the road last week, it had fallen out of someone’s grocery bag on the way up the big hill by my house and rolled all the way down to the bottom. I rescued it from the edge of the road.

I have become a bit of a scavenger as of late. I found a red bungee cord on the beach in ka’ena point state park, that was cool because I could attach the body board that I found behind my house to my bike and ride downtown to play in the waves in Waikiki. The world is full of interesting things, you never know what you will find. I am reminded of the line from Cast Away where he talks about never giving up because you never know what the next tide will bring in. Perhaps there is a bigger life lesson here.

Some days I want to be like the guy in Cast Away. When I was a kid I was always extremely jealous of Swiss Family Robinson and Robinson Crusoe. When I went to Disney land for the fist time and went in the tree house, it was bitter sweet. It was amazing, but sad. I loved it, but it was fake, all fake. It was like learning that santa was not real, or that your parents are really the tooth fairy.

Perhaps some day I will be able to live on an island and make my own tree house. One can only hope. It will be much cooler than the stupid one in California.