Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, the more I work in "Peds" the more I realize that old people (old is anyone over the age of 21) just are funny talking. So, one of the old patients that I got to work with yesterday had a list of complaints, it was one page, single spaced, 12 point font, numbered, the FULL PAGE. Complaint number 18 was in-fact that she could no longer use her L arm at the drive in. This one caught my eye mostly because well, she probably should not be doing much of anything at a drive up window. I hate hate hate hate hate drive up windows. I make a point that if and when I go to a place, I will park and walk the 25 feet into the store and make my purchase. It makes me feel better to have burned off the 5 cals that it took to walk into the store.

The thing that broke my heart is the very next patient was a 13 year old who weighed 186 lb, with a BMI of 34.4. I was so mad at her mom who was also morbidly obease. I was shaking by about 5 minuets into the conversation. It was a good thing that my preceptor was in the room because he provided quite a good sounding board to keep me calm and gentle. I wanted to scream at the mom "DO YOU NOT SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO YOUR CHILD???!!!" You are killing her, poisoning her body and she is ONLY 13 YEARS OLD! But I also got to share my story with the young girl, I was not mad at her. I told her how I was so fat in High School, how I lost almost 84 pounds in a school year, how I remembered doing my first pull up, how I changed in the military and then at undergrad. How I was able to become a D-1 athlete, how I competed against other athletes. I hope that she can hear me, I hope she can see how she can change. I hope.

This brings up another thing on the other end of the scale. This story from local news. I dont know that you would want to read it, I dont want to, I want to hide my head from the people who would do this. People who would lock a kid up in a room and only give them half a dixie cup of water per day. How? Why? Why do people do such bad things? I just dont get it, it fills me with a mix of emotions, hate is in there, pity, sorrow, disgust. There is no happy, only sad.

We kill our children, we are doing it on a daily basis, does it really matter if its by starving them and locking them in a closet or putting deadly food into their mouths? What the fuck happened to us?


Jenny said...

That news story was so sick. I had similar thoughts when I went to see a documentary on the modern day slave trade this week, hearing about the 27 MILLION slaves in the world today--and that about half of them are children, forced to perform everything from hard labor to sex. I felt like the documentary highlighted the two extremes of humanity--we are a sick enough species that we abuse our own young--and yet on the other hand it's so inspiring to me to see the people that are passionate about advocating for these kids and are actually doing something productive with that anger.