Wednesday, June 04, 2008

This and that

Well, I am not sure what to make of this rotation. I had my wallet "stolen" last thursday evening. I say sorta stolen because really, the majority of fault falls on me. I was tired and wanted to eat food that I did not have to make, so I stopped by the local take and bake. Good times, but I walked out with a pizza and without my wallet that was sitting on the waiting bench. I got all the way home and eating pizza before I realized that I had no wallet, went back to said pizza place and it was not there, so I thought that perhaps I had just lost it in my car or "house" so I spent most of the next day ripping apart my place and car in search of the wallet, but alas no such luck, I surrender to the idea that my wallet with its 13.00$ in cash is long gone.

So, I spend the weekend at the public library, because really there is not much else that I can do. I found about 8$ in my ash tray in the car, and have been living off that for a bit now as I try and wait to see when my new bank card will show up. The odd thing is that I cant get a library card, I have to have picture id with my current address on it before I rate high enough to borrow things from the library. BUT I did meet one very interesting guy during my time in the library, he likes wearing a yellow bandanna with red flames on it (think Hulk Hogan) a long black trench coat and a five pound can of roll your own cigarette tobacco. OH, and think also Jay-Lo sun glasses. But we talked for quite a while and well, he sorta kept talking to me for about 5 minutes after I walked away. So, ya that was quite the experience.

Sorta made me feel like an illegal immigrant, I had no proper paperwork no drivers license, I kept looking in the mirror when the po-po would drive by. Very odd. But it also let me experiment with different foods that I could find in the back of the shaggen pad. Example, night before last, I made mixed old noodles and found a packet of taco seasoning, so put a little butter in and mixed that all together. Really quite interesting. Dont know that it would ever make me famous but its not all that bad. Last night was a sweet potato cut in half and microwaved. Good times.

Well, I should go and fix another ear ache with more antibiotics that "dont hurt and may help" Yep, getting really good at ear aches and I feel dizzy. Those being my top two complaints here. Really? Other people are doing other stuff? Hungh, crazy.