Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sometimes friend.

So things change, cookie monster changes from being cookie monster, to saying that cookies are now a sometimes food. At first I was shocked, angry and upset that our fat culture has decided to place the blame for our expanding abdominal line on the shoulders or mouth of a blue puppet. I gained a powerful insight into a fact about my life because of it. Its something interesting enough that it got me out of my bed and typing because I just know that it would bug me if I just let this go without saying something about it.

I have friends, quite a few actually. The funny thing is that some of my friends are “sometimes friends” as in sometimes they act friendly, and others they just skip out. No this is not a rant, I am not angry with someone, or anyone in particular. I just have come to grips with the idea that everyone is not like me, they don’t all think like I do. (a good thing)

I also have been blessed by finding some friends, or more realistically being found by some friends that have become amazing. I have an amazing friend, she called me up the other day just to leave a message on my phone saying that she was saw a “handsome debonair looking man” walking down the road and he reminded her of me, so she called just to say thanks for being such a good friend. The odd thing is that I don’t know that I ever would have perused this person as a friend, in fact at one point I wrote our relationship off as completely dead, but we persisted. And now we talk and email, in fact right now I have the first finger painting ever created by her son as the background on my laptop. I learned a lot about life from this woman. Not in the freaky or physical or sexual way, just in the way that good friends grow and get to know about things. So thanks to all my friends, I love you all.

Have no friends not equal to yourself.
Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC), The Confucian Analects